NumFOCUS found I violated their Code of Conduct (CoC) at JupyterCon because my talk was not “kind”, because I said @joelgrus was “wrong”.

This sets a bad precedent.

Joel was not involved in NumFOCUS’s action, was not told about it, and did not support it
The process has left me shattered, and I won't be accepting any more speaking invitations.

See the post above for details on what happened, including the full finding.

I've re-recorded my talk - you can decide for yourself if it merited such an action.
I'm doing something I've never done before, which is to restrict replies to this thread. I encourage open discussion, but I am left without the emotional energy to cope at this time, I'm sorry.
If you wish to discuss it elsewhere, feel free, but please don't at-mention me, because I just want to move on.

I would rather not have to have written the post at all, but I didn't feel I had much choice.

Apologies in advance if I go quiet on twitter for a while.
Please also don't involve Joel in this - he's an innocent bystander. I at-mentioned him in this post because I wanted to set things straight from the outset. My guess is that if I didn't do so, then other people were likely to do so elsewhere anyway.
As I said in the talk and post, I think Joel is brilliant. I think he's an asset to the data science community. Just because I disagree with him about a rather niche technical programming issue, doesn't imply any kind of other negative feelings.
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