Voters! A GOP whistleblower says Rove told her vote tallies can be changed w/o undue suspicion “so long as the preferred candidate is w/in 3% points of the targeted candidate in the final polls...’” Pls help photograph precinct totals > polls close 2 compare 2 official totals. 1/
3/ Link to sign up with #PhotoFinish to photograph precinct results as shown on poll tapes (usually posted outside precincts >polls close). Volunteers receive email instructions from us & can join our slack groups 2 discuss questions further. @ProtectVotes
4/ This is what poll tapes look like. They are usually posted outside precincts after polls close in election night, but we ask our volunteers to call first to confirm. Again, instructions will be provided & volunteers can join our slack discussion groups to discuss further.
5/ Right now we at @ProtectVotes have about 400 photographers across the country (shown on the map below). But in most places we have only a few precincts covered. We hope to have at least a thousand photographers by Election Day. Pls help if u can. #PhotoFinish #ProtectOurVotes
6/ Photographer volunteers take digital photos of the poll tapes and upload them to our website as explained in the 50 second video. Done!
7/ @ProtectVotes and our analyst volunteers will then compare the precinct totals (poll tapes) against the reported totals for those precincts. They shld match. If they don’t, it may imply a problem w/ the county tabulator, warranting investigation.
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