Yes once upon a time in the dim past of 2018, some people were speculating that Anonymous was....Jared Kushner.
Remember, they sold Anonymous as being a **key White House insider**.

And the whole time it was some glorified executive secretary at DHS, which **isn't** inside the White House.

They said you'd INSTANTLY know the name...
Yes, @AnnCoulter publicly speculated that JARED KUSHNER was Anonymous.

Next to Bannon, Coulter was one of THE main pushers of the "Ivanka/Jared are backstabbing the Old Man" narrative.

Which were always absurd.
I've spent 4 years mocking that stupid narrative, always based on anonymous leaks from "White House insiders".

"You think he's onto us, Jared?"
"Not a chance, honey! Everybody knows your Dad is the world's worst player at the game "Spot The Traitor!"
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