Black civil rights & disabled civil rights have always been intersected, regardless of how new that information may be for some folk.

Please let this be common knowledge soon.
Black disabled folk *do* exist.
Historical Black folk who contributed to the field of mental health have been long overlooked
James Baldwin was a very known essayist, playwright, novelist and voice of the American civil rights movement. He was also a gay man & an institution survivor.

In some of his writings he mentions the ties between Black mental health & environment.
I mean, heck, there's even the Supreme Court Decision in Olmstead v. LC - 1999, where Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson (ID advocates with mental illnesses) pushed for access to community supports over institutions. 
Black & Black disabled folk have BEEN involved in disability civil assume otherwise assume that disability equates to white.. Why do I even need to explain this?

Anti-Blackness & ableism are inherently tied together.
Of course we act against both.
Yes this is an extremely long subtweet to a white disabled woman who asked me "Can we please join to progress both our civil rights movements forward?"

No, this is not just directed towards her.
Intersectionality exists by default because people are complex. The issue arises when margenalizations seem to be assumed white until proven otherwise. This is not a new issue.
We also see this in the way how white disabled folk will attack Black disabled folk for talking about their Black disabled experiences, because "not everything is about race"..which, of course is an easy thing to say when your ethnic group is assumed to be the default.
White folk get to ignore the idea of their whiteness, & some lash out when they are reminded of it due to our mentions of racialized experiences & the dynamics of oppression that occur surrounding that.
Just ... please don't prop up intersectionality as something that doesn't exist until "initiated*. It's always been there, the actual issue is that we had to create a word for it to be acknowledged & folk are still ignoring AND misappropriating it.
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