there is no issue that so succinctly reveals the difference between being a progressive liberal vs. a leftist than housing. people always tell us "we're all on the same side" but are we really? because one side believes that building 2,000 new luxury condos benefits the poor
i really encourage anyone who has considered themselves a "proud YIMBY" to consider that actually, as is the case in many places, housing should not be a supply/demand issue; it should be a human right.
YIMBYism at its core requires you to buy into the capitalist idea of property values. there's another way folks:
ah i see bay area YIMBY twitter has found my tweet. how about:
lmfao at like 15 bay area yimbys in my replies trying to claim i oppose all housing and rent control because i posted saying we need more public housing. oh well, back to textbanking for jackie fielder 😌
*doesn't live in los angeles voice* i have some thoughts about los angeles!
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