Chijioke Iloanya
Ekene Akabike
Obinna Adimachukwu
Christopher Onyemelue

One thing ties them together: the evil that is CSP James Nwafor.

He looked at their fathers in the eyes and said:

"I killed your son and you can't do anything". #EndSars
Casting my gaze across to Enugu, another monster made CSP Nwafor looked like an amateur- in the act of killing:

OC SARS Jude Agbayanjelo.

Sadly, he is dead now. But @policeng must answer to his crimes.
Are we ready to go for James Nwafor? Yes. Four petitions ( out of 12 ) with evidence to nail him are ready. They will be uploaded online on Saturday.
When a lawyer meets petitioners who provide all he needs, he's enthusiastic and thankful. This is how the Great Oracle felt today when he closed his preparations on Anambra. Enugu next!
Sad the Great Oracle let a great petition from Anambra slip-by because the victim's family showed no interest. @Ada_mummyya saw how sad I was trying to convince the next of kin on the personal call I made to him!
If victim's families are scared for their safety, imagine the risks to personal safety lawyers are taking in a country where life isn't sacred to the bad boys
Good evening from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine
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