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dis you?

PS Any fuckin’ *reporters* out there? DMs open FFS. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1321474023184863233
To be clear, this is a private DM chat group with a shitload of well-known QAnon distributors researching shit for ‘Q’.

I can’t release the full screencap, but I can share it on background IF ANYONE WANTS TO REPORT ON IT.

I’ll start releasing the collaborators soon.
Let’s start with this critter who shows up EVERYWHERE and connects to EVERYONE.

who dis?
This person in the same chat room.
“Board Owner of Qresearch/TheStorm/cbts” you say?
who dis?
This is definitely someone I want helping direct an enormous death cult. 😱
Steph, why you here?
This guy is in there too. isitwetyet is Watkins so this is likely one of his.
I always enjoy when Jim Watkins fanboys say NO PORN lmao. If the legal department of a certain organization can get their shit together, we’ll find out just how ironic this is.

This one also seems to be a fan of Bill Binney. 🤔
OH. Looky here. We seem to have a #DarkOps #PatheticHobo sock account right there in the same room with Jim, Ron, and the General.

Also, apparently a big fan of Russia Today, Tom?
In case anyone doubts who this is, I present their followers 🤣
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