Exciting update!🌍

We had a great discussion today with @Carleton_U Admin about fossil fuel #divestment. They were open to discussing and acknowledged that massive economic changes are underway but questioned if divestment was the best way forward. @cusaonline @ClimateActionCU
Unfortunately, they were unable to provide us with an exact dollar figure of our endowment's investments in fossil fuels, but we are working together to get students access to this information as soon as possible
#DivestNow #MakeMyDegreeFossilFree #ClimateJustice #GreenRecovery
We discussed their biggest concern: fiduciary responsibility. Luckily, many studies show the financial risk of remaining invested in fossil fuels & and the impressive growth of the green energy industry. Not to mention Biden's $2 trillion climate plan.
Stay tuned for updates!
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