Lockdown has affected everyone differently. Some, like me, have been lucky enough to continue working with little disruption, no friends or family members have been taken ill and spirits are as high as could be expected.

Many others are in high tiers of lockdown, jobs have 1/3
been lost, stress is through the roof, isolation has taken its mental toll and some have lost friends and family members.

It is at times like this when we can often feel most vulnerable, most isolated from the world around us and most in need of some form of support. 2/3
I don't have much to give but what I do have is time and two good ears so if you read this and ever feel like you're in a bad place, want to get something off your chest or feel isolated and alone, inbox me and I will ALWAYS reply.

Take care of yourselves and each other ❤️🧀3/3x
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