1/ This Stasi-level behaviour should be national #cdnpoli news. First, background:

In the middle of a pandemic, @shandro and @UCPCaucus have torn up the contract with AMA, deny bargaining rights and issue orders through bulletins that limit MD billings.

#abpoli #ableg
2/ While Shandro and UCP propagandists like @SteveBuick2 @tarajago @MattWolfAB insist MDs aren't leaving, the docs are posting goodbye notices and pictures of their moving vans.

Then they decide to attack health care laundry workers who are on the govt payroll. Plan to fire them
3/ all and contract private companies. Their financial projections don't make sense - besides, we already had the dishonesty of the Klein govt, whose claims of overspending on health care wete proven completely bogus - and then Klein ordered a coverup.
(see "Shredding the Public
4/ Interest"). So when we hear the same lines from some of the same people, do we trust the proven liars? Or is it just another attempt at union busting, like their campaign to get MDs signing individual agreements to cut out the AMA...
So the laundry workers' union stages a day
5/ of wildcat strikes. While these are a surprise to most, the Alberta Labour Relations Board is ready with a back to work order - the govt complaint predating the strike by more than a week.

During this unrest, the govt tells a few lies. Which is a daily occurrence for the most
6/ corrupt govt in 🇨🇦.

The Nurses Association sends out a caution to nurses that they are not to support the strike action. Never mind that the nurses' code of ethics is one of the most comprehensive of all health care disciplines and they are required to act for the good of
7/ all members of health care teams (nurses occasionally get a bad rap for this from other professionals who don't realize the nurses aren't nosy busybodies - they're living their code of ethics).

Then we see the Twitter group. And that's where things get seriously creepy.
8/ At first it looks fine. But if you wete early to the party, you noticed the folliwers were almost exclusively the @UCPCaucus propagandists. Now, they don't just follow anyone. And we know they aren't a conduit for concerned citizens - in fact, they get quite aggressive with
9/ some concerned citizens. Here's a screenshot:
10/ I wish I had taken a shot of the first 10 followers, but I didn't know that would become significant.

Looks harmless, right?

Except it was apparently started by a self-admitted social media consultant for the @UCPCaucus. Which explains a lot.

This is the sickening part:
11/ What happens if nurses posting are frank in their criticism of the govt What if they're open in support of MDs or support staff?

Are they being lured so they can be reported?

You think this govt, which has been only too willing to target individuals, doesn't plan to target
12/ any nurse who dares speak up? Look how the phalanx of propagandists have gone after individual educators who objected to the hand-picked racists the incompetent @AdrianaLaGrange chose to replace hundreds of educators in curriculum development. Look how they targeted doctors.
13/ I fear this innocuous-seeming twitter account is not at all what it appears.

It's the government deceiving nurses into unguarded disclosure by pretending to be someone else.

How can anyone trust a govt that engages in such dishonest tactics?

They want their own
/14 police force. Unhappy with RCMP, who have been investigating UCP corruption, they want to remove them and install their own.

These deceitful people who tear up agreements, violate bargaining rights, target citizens, and now try to entrap them - they want a police force.
/15 All Canadians need to pay attention to the corruption unfolding in Alberta. It's started a new phase.


#abpoli #ableg #UCPcorruption #cdnpoli
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