There is a concept in physics know as relativity.

Here’s how it works and why it’s one of the most useful concepts to understand for everyday life.

Relativity says it is impossible to fully understand a system you're a part of. You need distance and perspective.

The classic example is the kid on a train holding a ball. The train is moving at 60 miles per hour.
Relative to the kid, the ball is not moving. Relative to someone outside the train, however, the ball is moving at 60 mph.

So how is this useful in everyday lives?
The source of all bad decisions is something you’re blind to. The best way to eliminate blind spots is to change your perspective.
Perspective explains all behaviour. To understand why someone is acting a certain way, you need to see the world through their eyes. This is the same for yourself. What you do makes sense given how you see the world. But what you see is not all there is to see.
Observing from a distance or another perspective reveals our blind spots. This works with age too. You’re probably not proud of what you did as a teen. Why? Now you have a better perspective.
You’re not immune however, you’re future 90-year-old self will look at some of what you’re doing today and chuckle at what an idiot you were. (This is why it's important to live like backwards — it helps shift your perspective.)

Relativity explains all of our cognitive biases.
Relativity also explains why you give great advice but can’t take your own. And why everyone seems to know exactly how to live your life, but that clarity is lacking when it comes to their own.

Fully understanding any system requires distance and perspective.
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