Here I am looking up the history of the term "handicap" (not at all what I thought it was tbh) annnd What The Heck Is This @damonrose & @emupton ??
I can't even read about the history of disability terms without 🤦🏾‍♀️ why??

Just why???

Just in general STAWP compairing every term that can be deemed as derogatory to any of the n-words.

Get our names out your mouth.

And (should be baseline) Stop Looking For Reasons To Use It!!
Fun fact: Disabled Black folk *do* exist
Hi, @BBCNews, can we make sure to get the word "nigger" removed from Damon Rose's peice "Don't call me handicapped!"?

Hi, @TodayIFoundOut1 can we make sure to get the word "nigger" removed from Emily Uptons's peice "The Interesting Origin Of The Word “Handicap”?
Both these pieces were otherwise not bad. I just.. nonBlack folk leave these words alone. We know how y'all love searching out reasons to spell, say, or sign them all the way out. 🙄
Update: @emupton isn't the Emily Upton who wrote this article. I legit don't know else of the many Emily Upton's it could be because I've looked. But just in case folk have been tagging her in or massaging her, it's someone else.
Also of course @BBCNews @BBC & @damonrose as well, as that's where the origional quote came from.
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