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River Yamuna, the second most sacred river of India and Hinduism, originates in Yamunotri which is situated at the western side of Garhwal Himalayas, in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and about 3,293 metres above the sea level.
In Rig ved and Atharva Veda, Yamuna is called Yami (lady of life).
In Puranas, Goddess Yamuna has been mentioned as the daughter of Surya, the sun god and twin sister of Yama – the god of death. Yama and Yami are believed to be the first human beings on earth by some.
As per the Ramayana, Hanuman doused the fire of his tail after burning Lanka in the waters of Yamuna at Banderpooch.

The Mahabharat says that since Yamuna is one of the 7 tributaries of river Ganga, drinking its waters will absolve the sins of the pilgrim.
Actually, the birthplace of the Yamuna is the Champasar Glacier just below the Banderpoonch Mountain. The mountain adjacent to the river source is dedicated to her father, & is called Kalind Parvat, Kalind being another name of Surya. That’s why Yamuna is also called as kalindi.
However, the original source of yamuna cannot be accessed by trekking tails since the route is extremely narrow, treacherous and difficult to cover. In order to fulfill the requirement of the pilgrims who want to pay homage to the holy river source,
Sudarshan Shah – the king of Tehri Garhwal had built a temple called yamunotri temple in 1839, which is just 1 km away from the original source. By 19th-century Maharani Gularia of Jaipur took it upon herself to renovate the temple which had been destroyed several times.
Yamunotri Temple is made using granite stones. The Temple Signicance Goddess Yamuna is an iconographic depiction of the River Yamuna.

Very near to the Yamuna Devi temple there are many hot water springs; the most significant among them is the Surya Kund.
It holds the boiling-hot water as it emerges from the crevices in the mountain. People boil rice and potatoes by tying them in a cloth and consider them a Prasad.

A bath in the sanctified waters of Yamuna is said to cleanse all sins and protect from untimely or painful death.
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