1/3 A thread on #LGBTQ+ allyship for those in #math and #STEM. Many times when talking with colleagues who don't identify as LGBTQ+ I hear a reluctance to speak up or speak out, for fear of co-opting the issue or saying the wrong things.

Please don't be afraid to be vocal.
2/3 Some of the best advocates I know for #LGBTQ+ folks in #STEM don't identify as such.

Allys are not born, they are made.

Reach out to your LGBTQ+ colleagues. We can't make change on our own. Estimates I've seen put us at less than 5% of the #STEM community in Canada.
3/3 Change is coming but occurs slowly, and with a million deliberate steps.

There are some that would like to silence your voice. Been there, believe me. But your voice is the most powerful tool you have for change.

A single voice can be extremely powerful.
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