Biden has flipped the swing voters that Twitter told you didn't exist. This was a smart group for him to focus on, because remember: a new voter is +1 (+1 for Biden), but converting a Trump voter is +2 (-1 for Trump, +1 for Biden). Biden got this from the start.
If you've wondered why Biden insisted on putting some Republicans on stage at his convention, and why he's rhetorically entertained the idea of a Republican cabinet member, here's your answer.
The reason politics Twitter has a hard time understanding that swing voters exist is because no prominent voices on politics Twitter are swing voters. This is a very partisan and polarized platform and a poor proxy for the electorate as a whole. Campaigns that get this fact win.
Another important point about swing voters: there don't have to be a lot of them for them to matter a lot. Say they're 3% of the electorate. In a close election, which is most of them in polarized America, that 3% swinging from one side to the other decides the outcome!
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