Let’s focus on the #NXIVM victims. We’ve got a long drive back to Albany.

During the trip, I’ll be tweeting some more info from yesterday’s victim impact statements.
The first to speak was the woman Raniere began a sexual relationship w/ when she was 15.

She didn’t testify at trial.

“As for the man I am here to speak about, I will not say his name. I will only call him ‘he.’ He doesn’t deserve anything more than that.” #NXIVM
She said the memory of Raniere taking naked photographs of her at 15 is “seared into” her memory.

The photos were presented at trial. His supporters claim the FBI tampered with them.

Her statement disputes that. “As a 15 year old, that is not something you easily forget” #NXIVM
“He demanded loyalty but was loyal to no one but himself.”

She had a sexual relationship with Raniere for a decade. She says there have been days she wondered if leaving was the right thing.

“I am and will continue to grow stronger than he ever allowed me to know I was.” #NXIVM
Later in the sentencing, Judge Garaufis had a back and forth with Raniere’s attorney regarding her not testifying at trial. (Her attorney, recommended by Raniere’s defense, advised her not to)

“Had she testified, it would have taken the jury 10 minutes to convict him.” #NXIVM
The woman’s sister, who was kept in a Clifton Park room for 2 years also spoke.

She addressed Raniere directly, saying she finds relief in forgetting about him and this is the last time he holds her attention.

Remember: Raniere wanted to be remembered as a great man & thinker.
She spent a significant amount of time breaking down the man who made his followers call him Vanguard.

“You’re just a liar.”
“You’re ridiculous.”
“You’re weak and you’re pathethic.”
“The attention will fade.”
“I look forward to the day your name will be forgotten.” #NXIVM
Their brother and mother addressed how much Raniere has broken their family. Two family members (oldest daughter and father) remain loyal to him.

The mother said this trial has been a “triumph of true love” and she’s hopeful her loved ones will find a way out. #NXIVM
Interestingly, their father did submit a statement in support of Raniere.

The judge was shocked and confused by this, saying, “I’m frankly baffled why anyone would think this letter would help Raniere.”

The letter spoke of Raniere helping him run a marathon. #NXIVM
Both @markvicente and @sarahjedmondson appeared by video.

Sarah called hers a “survivor statement.”

They spoke of how Raniere betrayed their trust.

“You knew exactly what you were doing to me and many others.” -Mark

“You’re a liar, a parasite, and a grifter.” -Sarah #NXIVM
Now let’s discuss the DOS victims. Several former “slaves” made statements. I will use the names of those who have identified themselves publically, like India Oxenberg.

She was emotional, but powerful, telling Raniere, “you’re a liar and a sadist.” #NXIVM
India said she spent about $100,000 on #NXIVM courses and related expensives.

She says she wakes up in the middle of the night terrified of what Raniere did.

“Will I always feel like this? I don’t know.”

“You played doctor and I was your human science experiment.” #NXIVM
One of Allison Mack’s other slaves also gave a statement.

She addressed Raniere’s attorney directly, telling him to leave her and other victims out of his motions, saying they’ve spoken their truth.

“We did our job. Find a better way to do yours.” #NXIVM
She says DOS was strictly for Raniere’s sexual pleasure.

She also spoke of the #MeToo movement and how women are often called liars and not believed.

“We will always have predators, but it will remove one predator from the streets and that means something.” #NXIVM
Another former DOS member, who left the group before Raniere was arrested, told him yesterday: “It must be so dark and lonely and I feel so sorry for you.”

She left without her collateral being released, but says she felt like it could have been at any time #NXIVM
Ivy Nevares, who met Raniere in 2001, gave a video statement.

She addressed Raniere’s claim he “had to have sex constantly,” asking him how he’s still alive if he hasn’t slept with anyone in prison.

This got a big reaction in my overflow room #NXIVM
“You’re lazy, Keith.”

@ToniNatalie1017 didn’t hold back.

“It’s women who took you down.”
“There’s nothing original about you.”
“A genius, what a joke.”
Barbara Bouchey, who has a long history with Raniere, began by saying, “Keith, hi. It’s been a long time.”

Like Natalie, she’s fought baseless lawsuits.

She said she was forced into hiding, had to leave her hometown (Saratoga).

“I’ve gone to hell and back, many times” #NXIVM
Kristin Keeffe, who has a son with Raniere, was easily the most emotional yesterday.

"I just wanted to do something good with my life... these monsters got their hooks in me."

She says the EMs (exploration of meaning) exercises made her vulnerable and gave her anxiety #NXIVM
Keeffe says when she was pregnant with her son, she suffered from health issues and was told they were in her head.

"They wanted me to die."

After she had the baby, she says she was told Edgar Bronfman Sr. would take him away, so they had to pretend he wasn't hers. #NXIVM
Keeffe ultimately left and went into hiding with her son.

She was afraid to have anything in her name - credit cards, health insurance.

"I can never get back the 20 years he's subjected me to."

She's still trying to work out a child support agreement. #NXIVM
To put things in perspective a bit more, @SusanDones explained how Raniere used the justice system "as a weapon."

She had to file for bankruptcy and spent years fighting #NXIVM in court.

"I was scared for my life."
"Keith Raniere, you are a dangerous man."
These are just a snapshot of what some of the victims went through. We will probably never know how many people were impacted by Raniere's actions.

It includes financial loss, manipulation, psychological trauma, sexual abuse.

Many of his victims say they now feel relief #NXIVM
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