This is mind blowing -the level of attacks via Tweets caused the CIA’s SPS Implementation of various measures to protect the CIA whistleblower.
you know the wall of nameless stars, those are CIA employees that paid the ultimate sacrifice
cc @burgessct
what’s more disturbing is the pattern - that Trump continues unabated & unabridged with his targeting & attacking. The POTUS knows his words matter. Trump is actively speaking in code to his supporters who then carry out what he’s telegraphing.
In which @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @SarahMatthews45 engage in the most egregious gas lighting. Do they think we can’t remember👇🏻
-MAGA Bomber
-CNN bomb & mass shooting threats
-Boston Globe mass shooting threats
-attacks of numerous Governors Mayors etc
I want you to understand the repugnance of @SarahMatthews45 ”comments” and asinine pivot to @RepMaxineWaters
Had Ms Matthews run a basic google search -she would have known how mendacious her pivot was/is
👇🏻read this thread 👇🏻
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