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A few days ago @UNSMILibya announced a new Libyan dialogue in Tunisia. This came after a "successful" (5+5) military committee meeting in Geneva which translated into a permanent ceasefire agreement. #Libya
A list of 75 participants was also shared with the public. A number of those participants stood out to me and in this thread I will reveal why.
1- Abdulrazak AlAradi: A member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
AlAradi publicly supported operation "Fajr Libya" in 2014.
Al-Aradi also mourned the death of extremist Wissam Bin Hmaid saying that he was a "hero" and his only mistake was that he fought alongside ISIS in Benghazi.
2- Nizar Kawaan: A member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
In this video Kawaan can be seen chatting away with Osama Bin Laden's former personal driver in Afghanistan Sofyan Bin Gamuu.
3- Mansour AlHassadi: A member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Al Hassadi constantly supported the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council which was formed by AlQaeda militiants in the Eastern city of Derna.
4- Ibrahim Sahad: The Secretary General of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya.
In this post Sahad mourns the death of Abdulatheem AlFerawi.
In this video AlFerawi praises Ansar AlSharia an (AlQaeda affiliated group) and welcomes their return, as they are on the right path. https://twitter.com/MatogSaleh/status/1165942329909362689
Why does the @UNSMILibya insist on including terrorist supporters, extremist sympathisers and corrupted figures to find a solution in Libya?
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