another round of ~thoughts for #GayaSaPelikulaEp05 upon nth rewatch,

kase ebas lang ambag sa fandom, kahit wala namang nagso-solicit, sorna kase 😭😂 [mega-thread edition uli]:
unang frame palang upon first second ng episode, powerful na. talaga naman po opo. (still not over the fact that a mirror shot was there too as signal that it’ll recur.) a daily reminder to all neighbors that with a team like GSP, we – the audience – are always #blessed 🙌🏽
ang random, but might as well: 0:53-0:55 what was that sound ano yoin sjkdks

[char may repeat appearance siya later pero kalaro lang ata anak niya, medj maingay lang talaga neybers ni Karl at Vlad pero tanggap natin sila mkay]
bago tayo sumisid, isang malaking standing ovation sa PangPangs for this 2:20 mins. (sir kent accurate po ba bilang 😆) introductory scene muna.
like do you realize the power they hold para tumagos sa screen yung residual feelings after manuod ng Y Tu Mamá También sila Karl at Vlad THEN have us all wrapped up in this intimate convo of theirs?

[tunay na they shine even brighter when together, ‘di ako magsasawang sabihin]
what i really loved in this scene (aside from the metaphor + role it'll play for later) is how much you feel their connection just by their eyes alone. like, my goodness, literal parang you can remove yung dialogue siguro and still see they’re /communicating/. ganun ka-strong.
yung proximity pa sa isa’t-isa, while also hella aware their attention towards each other never strayed the entire time (liban kay Karl doing his fair share of thinking for this seq or when Vlad’s doing his best to contain his thoughts so Karl could take the wheel), my gahd.
if this ended up in another pair’s hands for sure iba magiging feel/execution, to the point pa siguro that this entire exchange could fall flat, so PangPang in this? *chef's kiss*

[tunay nga rin talagang 'before trilogy' as part of their character establishment, come thru]
[yes ‘ya g0rl just spent 5 tweets to praise PangPang w/o delving yet sa actual meat nung intro seq, what about it? BITE ME 😂]
yung may kirot ‘to, pero panghahawakan ko nalang that Karl would remember this&will know he deserves better, na deserb nila ang saya at hindi magaya sa partikular na parteng ‘to ng pelikulang pinanood nila – looking atchu gege

[also: don’t u wanna hug Karl/Pao @ this part 🥺]
“‘De. ‘Di yun ‘yon. Close lang siguro sila talaga ‘no.” IZ DAT HOW THE KIDZ CALL IT THESE DAYZ

“Go lang, don’t filter.” we lab a supportive/encouraging hubb—uhm, movie buddy pala
[context: the kiss in YTMT is what they’re talking about here, and if you still see it now as /just/ a kiss, we have news for you sks; also: Anna's tie in with this was great too, given that she'll be able to teach Karl-Vlad a lesson or two later - of the non-sexual kind, ofc 😅]
THE POWER THIS HOLDS. all while knowing Vlad surely has a litany of things to say. (and how this same feeling will repeat later.) yet here he is, waiting, patiently so. all for Karl.
yet here he is, letting karl wade through it on his own, giving him his space to think, to get used to it, process it. knowing na handa siyang umalalay kay Karl, to figuratively hold his hand as he figures it out, on his own pace

[gsp take responsibility for these emoshens ;A;]
[and maybe we love this man with our entire being yes po, na very on brand/true and parcel as a Karl-attached thing, i guess 🤭 lol]
"They went on a road trip to a place they felt didn’t even exist"

–They went into this cohabiting arrangement, thinking ‘it is what is’, that it’ll go nowhere because of their differences, that there’s no room for love - in any of its forms - to exist
"To a beach they thought they just imagined, but ended up finding."

–To a point where they tried to just avoid/ignore feelings & instead treat each other’s gestures and care as nothing but acts of friendly appreciation, only to find this genuine connection between them and...
[OKAY TIME,, ADVANCE MAG-ISIP? asa 2 minute mark pa nga lang pala tayo lol]
“Malabo pa eh. Pag-iisipan ko muna.” [ok lang yan Karl bb, we’ll be out here waiting patiently. take your time, take stock of these feelings. proseso mo 'to.]

(sadyang may mga may topak lang like us na hilig mag-halungkat/-unpack, but we all good here; at the end of it, #GayaSaPelikula makes us feel a whole plethora of emotions pare-pareho and that’s on periodT)
apakasimple but the way my heart leapt MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA GRASYA
brownout on cue lurve dat (but the pagbalik for later tho… absolutely abho-- choz)

[dem eyes tho]
and not to be a mababaw binch already given that mirrors play a role in the series sabi nga ni Direk, but the way it made me giggle ‘pag ‘dun kalang mag-focus kahit alam mo yung truth,, like, ginagawa niu 🤭😅
may separate thread akez sa mga pinag-gagagawa ni Vlad rito for Karl kasi important siya, pero link ko nalang sa dulo nitong thread. ✌🏽😂

[Pao’s lil’ dance @ 4:21 tho cutiepie huhu]
welcome to Jose Vladimir Austria’s maang-maangan skul of acting™ ebriwan. sign up now, new school year starts 2021 (duh). 🙄🤣
[this will forever remain distracting for this 🤡 bc of its origin story 😅]
basta po, message to Vlad: marupoq, malande--char lang. 😆 again, as much as this seq was funny, sweet and light, may weight parin ang lahat. pakatatag ka lang Vlad, feel ko kakailanganin na maging mas strong ka pa for you both. kapet lang 'be. 🤗
but back to light commentary: just wanna point out how the past eps – but more so this one – made me realize na apakagastos ng dalawang batang ‘to sa kubyertos/serving spoons/serving plates like… hoy, you’re two college students, live a little! shdks

[also Pao's ‘pabebe’ pero may lambing tone agad-agad right after WAG KAME djskfjk]
THAT 3-NOTE TRANSITION TO ENTRADA OF UNTI-UNTI INSTRUMENTAL may have or have not ended 'ya gorl’s life (but we still typin' ye)
Galawan kay crush phase 1 (see 1st 2 pics) – pasulyap-sulyap w/ halong pacute stage

Galawan kay crush phase 2 (see latter) – maang-maangan skul of acting™ na kunwari di ka hyperaware sa kanya + pagtingin sa other side para dika obvious-kuno-di-mo-tuloy-nakita-finger-heart stage
ano po yung nasa leftmost side, asking for a friend

[p.s. lande-lande po nila at basang-basa ih, kayo na ba ha, ulitin nyo yang labada mga anak, ang dugyot niyo

p.p.s. it's Karl/Pao's ngiti ng tagumpay for me, even if nagpakabasa rin naman siya jusq]
with his haute couture-ala-labada veil, you may now kiss your husband... 😳
but seriously, just loved how natural it all felt, how this part has its own balance. na as much as it was a /moment/ for Karl and Vlad, it just felt very anchored on the here and now, as it happens. na it didn’t need to have extra fireworks, the fireworks are already w/in them.
like the hands scene last ep, Direk could have gone w/ it in even slower motion or sir Kent adding more flares/glow or smth, or PangPang acting cheesier/putting on bigger smiles/hampasan na mas malande, but they all chose to present it as it is. as it should. and it's beautiful.
as a self-declared christian fanacct only re: Karl/Pao’s body, we invoke our right against self-incrimination and would just respectfully look & move on

p.s. Pao you say you didn’t like how you looked in this scene but ayon sa statistics ng GSP fandom, you looked great ok byE
di po kinaya ni kyah mong Vlad ih (honestly same, understandable, kaya mo yern)

[yung pagpasok muli nung sleazy horn bgm tho parang awa lol]
GUSTO KO RIN PO MALAMAN KUNG PART YUNG PAG-STUMBLE MISMO SA SCRIPT (or it was a general call for action) same w/ tutok na eyes kahit bubuksan na yung pinto for Anna dapat, FOR SCIENCE LANG PO
aY mukhAng taposh ne pele keyong komaen
r u chreatened by mE
di ko naman aagawin yang boyfriend mo eh
karl kaen tayo, tumabi ka na dito saken. come! eat!
napaka-- bakod naman yan, bakod na bakod ah

–Anna as the gift that keeps on giving, 2k18 & 2k20
ok so mami or pares or ramen + siopao pala yung foodz, nagulumihanan ako @ first bat sila pumapapak ng may sabaw 😄

[also peep @ 'tirador ng food props' in action 🤣]
“Shhh. Nagku-kwento ako eh… Wait lang. Syempre, hindi ko alam kung ano yung sinusulat ni Ate Nurse sa clipboard niya. Kasi hindi naman ako si Ate Nurse... Okay na? Going back –to the story.”

-A nobel prize winning literature on storytelling maybe (2018)
as a dakilang g*g* sa barkada (when it comes to horror and takutan) like Anna and Vlad, medj numb nako sa gulat/kilabot sounds but i could see so many friends who’d freak at the jumpscare sound mixing sa ep na’to for sure, lalo na yung L/R earphone tricks later (like dat knock)😆
Magkapit tayo ng kamay. Sige na, maghawak na. Higpitan. *cue Para-paraan.mp3*

[pweds talaga silang bffs ni Ati Judit ‘no, almost same ng instructions for Karl-Vlad eh: tighter, tightly 😅]
and just like that, the road to Anna-Vlad reparations and alliance has commenced
sino nanaman kaya ‘to. baka yung same na nang-iistorbo kay Anna nung Ep03 ‘no? 😟
pero ang sabi nila – tuwing gabi, when everyone’s asleep, may kumakatok daw sa labas ng mga unit.

pagbukas, may makikita kang matandang lalaki. matangkad, magulo yung buhok halos hindi mo na makita yung mukha…
…pero nagmamakaawa siyang patuluyin mo, kahit isang gabi lang. so, wala kang magagawa kundi patuluyin siya.
this moment: a snapshot to Anna-Vlad reparations and alliance’s first step to a truly binding partnership (sa pang-wawalangya kay Karl dksks)

[also, nang-eelbow yung pusa kahit bg noise lang ha 🤣]
"And in his hand, he found his own beating heart."

how befitting for Vlad to be the main storyteller for this, for him to make Karl's heart race more than once - albeit from totally different emotions - in one night. lakas.
the pristine-on-the-outside, sabog-on-the-inside closet:
even w/ all that said & even if it - arguably - best reflects the state of the Almasens siguro in general, still slightly judging Tito Santi parin kasi kanya yung closet. paayos pls 😆

[also thought one of the boxes inside was @pankeykyang's haus pero sa kettle pala ata sjksjk]
ol dat halloween special realness tho. lmao

that first mumble sing (is that even a term? lmao) – ok ghostly moan nalang djkds truly sounded ‘may uwi si nanay~’ wagas wagas po ang pang-eelbow sa Fengshui at kay Madam Krissy sa episode na ito have mercy daw po 😆
we love cinematic parallelinationismz within the episode WERK
[not sure if may iba pang symbolisms/easter eggs for this seq bc wagas talaga pagka-pixelated sakin wala kong makita much sa devices i own unless brightness is on high sorna jkdfjk] but eto nalang...]
on this 'Karl alone in the dark' scene:

there’s a particular level of vulnerability talaga when we get the time to embrace the darkness and truly be alone with ourselves + our own emotions/thoughts/ghosts/demons, 'no?
not only does it get amplified and take its own diff. forms, but also in that chance, only then would we realize how much these things are really weighing down upon us – simply because the distractions of the world cease to exist, it was just you and those fears @ that moment
alsO this thing about ghost stories in general diba, na for the most part we could unknowingly co-exist w/ them, but the moment na pag-usapan/isipin sila, you're opening up an invitation for them to haunt you

same w/ Karl: ghosts inimbita sa una, self-realizations sa pangalawa
said this before but eto muli lol:
we love a kween just highlighting the ~truefax of the case yes po opo
eh yun na nga. best in concise answers po ang ating mga kuya. (naol concise ‘no, serreh nemen 😅)
as someone who has unfinished drafts ng character dissections (kasi gusto ko rin balikan once we’re done sa season to look @ my clown self), todo pako sa pa-understanding nung ep. 03 kasi baka nga she had reasons why she is the way she is ek-ek
but with this truly all spelled out, lemme just declare: we are ready to pa-barang Madam Austria matriarch (along with Hud*s) in this house

[wag talaga kayong magagawi sa lugar namin mam, we’ll jump-- char, no to violence, but still hmp 😤]
now we go to: Anna’s first (and probs not the last) pasabog reveal.

from Ep.01 palang na lumitaw siya at napangalanan, *spongebob everything’s on fire meme* nako sa kanya on what does her presence/existence mean lalo na this season. tapos ganire. 'di q talaga kinakaya. 😭
self-serving pa lalo na tweet coz sorta hoped to be wrong para lang less pain for all but
ganda talaga ng pagkakatahi sa kanya, di lang sya catalyst character, guyth. 😥 she's a living, functioning human being in this universe. with a living offspring, at that. the entire sequence was rife w/ quotable lines but it speaks for a lot of truths we could all learn from.
[kahit Anna's backstory makes me soft and strengthened af, bilang isang babae at isang anak ng isang Anna halos (tho not necessarily created via prom naman lol), dahil di ko matiis na di isama sa thread na itu]:

"nadadarang at natutukso rin" –mai-aalis mo ba sakin~ emz 🤣
hay. HAY.

praying hard it would be the case, that Anna in this world will have her support system to be able to do random sanity breaks like this. na her daughter would never feel, ni isang bahid, even for a bit, na may napagkait sa nanay niya dahil iniluwal siya. GO ANNA 😌🤗
di ko napansin @ first few watches na nag-psst pala talaga si Vlad for Anna to look at him, and then dem clinking their beer bottles,, soft bbs VLAD-ANNA FRIENDSHIP TRULY ESTABLISHED UWU HUHU
random Q uli: yung huhhh ni Anna sa dulo, kay Ms. Yesh ba talaga yun galing or added ulit ng awesome sound design team? 😆
pag-tackle sa teenage (prom-induced) pregnancies, cray societal expectations, ridiculousness of restrictions being in a Cath/olic school, losing chances to such rite of passage dahil 'di parin open sa pagtanggap ng same-sex couples as e/o's date, all in under 8 mins? THE POWER 💯
ang babaw but: look at them this entire time. LOOK. istg
then this entire exchange and learning. the way/manner it was done. all under half a minute (ni di pa nga, actually).

facts on facts on facts 👏🏽
Anna: so Vlad, bading ka ba talaga? kahit maghubad ako dito, wala kang mararamdaman?
Vlad: meron naman
Anna: talaga?!
Vlad: oo, DIRE

/the way I: howled 😂 (geh nga pano howl, eureureong nalang lol)
let it be said that two lovely, strong, independent women – namely Madams Sue & Anna – have already called Vlad maarte. so it’s official, may basbas at very canon, at this point. i rest my case. *locks this, throws away key*
fave ko yung nasabi ni Ian re: perception/register sa kanya ni Karl, na w/ Vlad’s lenses he's really like this baby who still has a lot to learn dahil sa kinalakihan niya, but very much willing to be taught naman. bec. really, out here in the real world, merong mga tulad niya.
there’s something to be said here, how Karl easily took in the question, w/ no angst at all (ok fine, may tiny bit siguro sa ‘i think’), but it just goes to show that in his sorry’s, is the want to be better. na whatever Vlad’s imparting din to him, he really is receptive to it.
to repeat myself:

(ay sorry Vlad, natapakan ata kita. eto o, tali. magpusod ka.)
^ rewatch this part as well and see how Karl panicked a bit during, at how easily 'bakit hinde' escaped his lips, yet he trudged on and indeed pulled himself braver, because he knows in his heart that what he says is all true 😭
“Hinde. Ibig kong sabihin, ginagawa mo akong mas matapang.” – Karl Frederick Almasen to Jose Vladimir Austria (2018)

[hihikbi nalang ako dito sa tabi]
right here gays, ladies and jumenimen we see two insta bffs na for sure ay nagkaron na talaga ng /pact of marupoq na bato/ earlier in the night
insta bff-1 trynna gather and not be obviously kilig (totes failing) & bff-2 yung friend mong alam na ang mga sikreto’t baho mo (at least sa crush part) dahil nagpa-spill the tea na si koyang, este bff-1, earlier pero kuntodo acting at pigil sa kilig parin (totes failing as well)
isang mahigpit na yakap sa lahat ng Vladimir na pinagkaitan ng pagkakataong makasama at maisayaw ng buong gabi ang gusto nila.

nawa'y mabigyan rin kayo ng tamang tiyempo, tao at tagpo upang bawiin (o higitan pa nga) ang mga sandaling 'yon. ❤
the way coeli’s song crept in tho 🤧 it was subdued, almost static-y/grainy, like that from an old radio reception you’d usually hear+see in movies from way back when (even if probs in this universe, it was coming from one of karl-vlad’s smartphones from some playlist or smth)
still, it brings you back to that same feel, only if you didn’t know the song pa nun, you’ll never know yung timbang ng bawat titik niya until it stares at you right in the face.
mababaw uli but: just frigging stare at them
the entire waltz sequence is just-- /sigh/ no words would ever be enough, not in this lifetime ata. kelan pa ko nakatingin sa laptop/phone trying to encapsulate all feelings and why it’s just so… beautiful, and parang hindi parin siya sapat.
yes, it’s enchanting with the way it was shot and laid out, magical because it was KarlVlad/PangPang connected in every aspect (and partida, their lips didn't even), but it was not just that eh.
there’s something they both filled the room/area na yun and it was just brimming with it. kaya nakakalunod each watch. nakaka-overwhelm. to call it just affection would be an understatement of the year. it's definitely something more powerful than that. and it showed.
the entire edit to the switches was seamless; loved how Vlad/Ian’s unsteadiness was there to parallel him being abruptly transported to his & Karl’s (finally shared dream- yet also v. real-) world, the placement of their hands, their expressions, their gazes. IT. WAS. EVERYTHING.
also since not familiar to the song yet nun, t'was hard to distinguish where Ms. Pat’s add-ons came in so when i finally picked out yung pagpush sa forefront ng ibang layers + piano & upper register strings, gusto ko nalang mag-fetal position LISTEN ULI PARA MAY KARAMAY AKO HUHU
but if you need me to pick where peak devastation (in the best way) started, it's this, culminating to Karl/Pao’s double turn. like, we all know he’s a dancer so nailing it won’t be a prob but the grace in which he did it? with ian steadily waiting? AND their smiles after? iyaqq
[super kudos sa Pangpang for it all but also whoever was responsible for that choreo/steps, sana lagi kayong busog. natanggap ba kayo ng future firstborns bilang ganti sa inyong nagawa para sa mundong 'to, tell me skskjk

aside from that, there's also this added dimension of how it illustrates Karl just enjoying the moment, finding his courage to delve into such intricate moves because he's simply lost in the feeling of rightness and joy, of dancing and being with Vlad. don't we all want that? 😭
[and yes, there's a mishap right after but isn’t that how love/life works? ;;]

Vlad steering them back to action w/ “simplehan nalang natin” has this diff. layer too, as it echoes the intro scene in w/c he waits for them to be at the same page, for Karl to not overcomplicate it

[and it’s not even a sanaol moment, it's more of witnessing someone who has so much love in him he has to let it out, so he just... does]

[god bless sa lahat ng responsable para magsakto ‘yan sa bawat galaw nila, may you have clear skin always; my life supply is back to 100 thanks to this, the first time and on nth rewatch]
no words. head empty. heart full.
GUSTO KO LANG I-EMPHASIZE TALAGA KUNG GANO KALAPET YET IT WAS SO NATURAL AND ANG SMOOTH NUNG PAGLAPIT (ilang beses ba prinaktis ‘to at panong aware na aware kayo sa placement ng labi ng bawat isa that proximity was not an issue at all, we need answers po thankyew)
this is optical illusion at play i know *clown hat falls from hand, kicks it to the side* but we’re giving up a minute to appreciate this ish okay? shhh

(it’s pao’s hand - a new fave thing tbh - and ian’s gently shut eyes for me. we will die once it happens, good gracious.)
[also, kung makita niyo po ‘to direk, may fully shot sequence ba yung waltz dance na’to with them in their pambahays? because the audience would: love to see it]
LABAN, BB 😭 wala nang hiya-hiya pero @ianpangilinan_ the nuances your eyes held sa entire series so far, more so in this ep. iba talaga. from joy in the little things to falling slowly, to kirot + knowing Karl needs his space so you stayed put. Vladimir Austria, siyang tunay. 👏🏽
huge respect to Vlad din talaga. like yes, nangwa-warshock siya @ times but at his core he seems aware Karl needs to process stuff on his own pace. kahit mas painful this time. dunno magiging timeframe of events from this night to the next ep pero whew, stay strong for u both. 🙏🏽
may karapatan naman siyang mapagod eventually (as we'll see later on dun sa confrontation scene na 'sisimplehan ko nalang-- AY SHEMS. POTANGINA. HOY. NJFJLSDFJL so that line from waltz was a parallel/foreshadowing/patikim. nyeta hala andito ko para magbanlaw not to hurt aybitc-
*tries hard to move on kasi last 2 min. stretch na* (meme courtesy of @keanlockes)
ok gusto ko talaga sila i-hug ni Vlad. but lalo na si Karl, right here. yung panghihina, yung mata, yung ngiti to expressions of being this one convoluted mess. one paper-thin difference nalang muntik niya na ma-elbow yung Selos perf for me. or no, pantay sila (for this rewatch).
ramdam mo that night, may clarity/liwanag sa isang aspeto but the rest was still this dark cavern of addtl. things Karl has to deal with. yung bittersweet feeling of finding something so special&rare, but you can't hold it with both hands yet. minata nya uli tayo ih. @PaoPangs 👏🏽
and like what's been said before, how totally befitting that it was Vlad mainly telling the story earlier about that man with his heart in his hands, given that he's the one responsible for Karl’s almost beating out of his chest this time.

the genius of it all.
yung paglabas talaga nito eh parang ‘pag tapos na yung labas sa sinehan, lights on na and back to reality na halos, so gather yourself na ganern,, saya 🥺
another pala! was convincing self baka naman may more than 1 multi-purpose hall sa loc (kasi yokong isipin yung stress doing it from scratch) but the surroundings seem one & the same. gano po katagal sinet-up to kahit let's say last shoot pa grabe MS. MAO LEGENDARY KANG TUNAY 🙇🏽‍♀️
MGA KAPITBAHAY NEYBERS ET. AL ISINUKO NA PO ANG (REMOTE) CONTROL. I REPEAT, MAY PAGSUKO/PAGPAPAUBAYA NA PO NG CONTROL (remote, that is). may initiative narin for contact/pag-lean/-sandal when he wants to. may ganon na po si Karl kay Vlad.

literal, figurative – read it as u want
^kala mo kalmado but i’m banshee screaming. also yung pag-share ng blankie/warmth/comfort di ko kinakaya

(kinda scared tho with Nasa’n Ka Oh Luna kasi yung lumisan part masyado atang sinakto? inaano ba namin kayo, last 1min. na ih, diba? sjdks)
alam naman natin tailored talaga yung end messages for a reason, but for this ep, iba din yung layers

in Karl's want to make up for Vlad's lost chance to prom, he opened doors & untrodden paths for them both; even amidst all uncertainties, Vlad makes Karl know himself better.
it also applies to Anna and her lost moments as well - na even the simplest/silly ones like bonding w/ friends, she gets to have now too, in Karl & Vlad's company. na as much as she fears blaming her child in the future, it actually makes it clearer in her head how to prevent it.
and as much as our personal take-aways could differ, in this current time, it also encourages us to never let fear win. marami tayo, at patuloy na darami sa bawat araw until all darkness and trash drown out, washed away like dolomite. yun po. 😊
ADVANCE MAG-ISIP (things to look forward) sa next episodes:
- the aftermath of this night
- Anna full name reveal 👁👄👁
- even more excited now to meet Tito Santi (kahit his appearance would probs be in context of…💀) pero wah huhu
- pagbabalik ni Ati Jeauxdeet
- pag-iyak ni Pao kasi sa mata-mata acting palang nga niya dalang-dala nako pano pag may patak na luha na (bye thread ganun)
- more of Vlad's story to unwrap so Ian can be even more vulnerable
- an instance na naka-videocall sina Vlad-Sue then mapapadaan si Anna (for science 👀)
- a CBB where it's just Karl and Vlad on the same couch, staring at each other's eyes, with occasional, gentle caress on each of their faces + forehead kiss maybe (yun lang, i'd embrace death warmly 😭😆)

[actually marami pa pero shut up nalang muna ulet tayo, sobra na lol]
[just realized kung gano ka-LQ/dilim yung ibang screencaps sa thread patawarin niyo po ako GSP team for not doing the frames justice 'wag niyo po ako pakulong sa quality police dsjkfks labyuol 😭🤣🙏🏽]
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