what your fav game of thrones character says about you; a thread
ok first off this is obviously very subjective so if u get mad please do so elsewhere and leave me alone
cersei lannister
- you genuinely appreciate powerful women.
- you don’t mind being cruel to people outside your circle
- you hate people v easily.
- you probs have trauma but don’t feel like you qualify for sympathy
- you’re the one ruining ur own life
jaime lannister
- you used to be an asshole
- you think you’ve changed
- you’re probably still an asshole
- you think you’re funny as fuck (maybe u are)
- you feel directionless in life
- you feel misunderstood but not in a victim-y way (most of the time)
tyrion lannister
- you think you’re a misunderstood genius
- you’re not.
- you always root for the underdog
- you like to imagine you have untapped potential
- you don’t
sansa stark
- you have suffered some sort of loss/grief
- you love happy endings bc you’re so sad
- you might have a bit of a victim complex
- irl you don’t have many people you’re close with
- you used to be sheltered but were forced into responsibility
arya stark
- you like fighting and are quite argumentative
- you care SO MUCH about the people in your circle
- you have a strong sense of vengeance
- you probably don’t think that deeply
- you don't mind disagreement
daenerys targaryen
- you have a huge ego
- you superficially enjoy feminism
- you probably get turned on by CGI
- you can’t stand it when people disagree w you
- you’re very entitled
- really sweet towards people you like
margaery tyrell
- you love beautiful things and can be a bit shallow
- people love you w/o you needing to do anything about it
- you’re not actually very warm/friendly
- but you’re not UNfriendly
- you don’t truly connect with many people
brienne of tarth
- you think you’re incredibly romantic
- your love life is probs a bit dead
- you like to say that looks don’t matter
- but they definitely do to you deep down
- you pride yourself on your sense of morality
theon greyjoy
- you hate watching people suffer
- but you love it too (not in a sadistic way)
- you like to be contrary
- but you are quite sensitive actually
- you probably hate yourself
robb stark
- you probably yearn for romance
- you always think you’re the good guy
- you probably have some morality complex
- you could benefit from a bit of comfort from those around you
- you think you secretly know better than others
jorah mormont
- you think you’re incredibly romantic
- you’re not
- you can come off as being a little pathetic bc you’re very needy
- you try your best but it’s rarely good enough
catelyn stark
- you’re highly empathetic
- you love competence
- you hate men
- you love milfs
- you feel exhausted from trying to be all things at once
- you need a hug
ned stark
- you’re an idiot
- you’re definitely a middle aged man
- you’re a stickler for the rules
- you think you have a strong moral compass
- but you probably don’t
jon snow
- you are probably not terribly imaginative
- you get boners for honour and swordfighting
- you must have some serious loyalty
- lets be honest, u probs think kit is so sexy
- are u crying on the inside rn/at all times?
ramsay bolton
- you think you’re edgy as fuck
- you like to think you’re very deep
- and love to psychoanalyse people
- you’re probably quite irritating to be around
petyr baelish
- you’re incredibly selfish
- you also think you’re edgy as fuck
- you are a serious opportunist
- you’re probably quite intelligent
- but have an empathy problem
tywin lannister
- you’re incredibly cerebral
- you have difficulty connecting with people emotionally
- you care a lot about your reputation
- you don’t know how to express love
- but you’re not bothered by it
stannis baratheon
- you can come off as being cold
- but you’re actually very passionate
- probably a bit awkward?
- low eq high iq
- you’re more childish than you’d like to believe
robert baratheon
- i despise you
- you have an awful sense of humour
- but think you’re funny as fuck
- you’re incredibly insecure
i have no idea who else to do + this is GOT only not ASOIAF so yk wtv
- you think you know better than everyone else
- you probably think you know the show better as well
- you consider yourself to have high empathy
- you are a eunuch
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