About 100 Mossad agents broke into a warehouse, cut through two bank-vault doors, and cut open safes to steal 1000 pounds of papers and CDs.

They did it in six hours, between shifts.

And they whisked it out of the country.

GREAT story, but impossible.
The real story involved advanced technology that nobody wants to talk about.

Rightly so.

I myself won't talk about it, even though I found it in open sources.

And the Israelis are not keen to go into Iran.

It could start a regional war.
Nobody talks much about a certain type of covert mission:

You carry out something that remains secret to the world, but you leave behind a message to the enemy telling him who did it and what will happen if he retaliates.
ALL retaliation is the result of something being publicized.

Often you don't even have to warn the enemy.

As long as you don't go public, the enemy own't retaliate.

But why did Israel go public?

Strategic brilliance, actually.
The world press is psychotically anti-Israel.

Usually this puts Israel at a massive disadvantage.


Israel used artillery SMOKE ROUNDS to camouflage their troop movements.

The American 155mm M825A1 round.
It's filled with 32 felt wedges impregnated with white phosphorus.

A burster charge splits open the round in the air, and the wedges fall out, spontaneously igniting.

They produce a characteristic smoke cloud called the "Medusa."
The felt wedges GO OUT IN SECONDS.

The armed forces fire them over THEIR OWN TROOPS, for God's sake.

But the press LIES and says that this is WEAPONIZED white phosphorus, an incendiary.

Israel used the the smoke round but stopped after the press accused her of war crimes.
The press reflexively attacks Israel, so in the case of the Iranian treasure trove of nuclear documents, the needle was forced UPWARD from "psychotic" to "neutral."

Do you get it?

There was no way to criticize, so the news was reported factually for once.
Israel was the only country in the world able to get away with announcing this intelligence feat.

The very insanity of the press was used against it.

A form of jiu-jitsu.

Also, the story didn't get the coverage it deserved.
Since this put Israel in a positive light, the press moved on as quickly as it could.


SOMEHOW the Iranians' nuclear-weapons documents were stolen.

And SOMEHOW the Chinese blackmail database was stolen.
The USS Jimmy Carter had to have been involved, since it completed two successful combat missions in 2017.

That's the symbolism of the Jolly Roger flag.

The Carter was modified to insert and recover special-operations troops.
And the Carter patrols the Pacific.

A Chinese billionaire who escaped from China with his money created a media company with Steve Bannon.
He says that he will publish documents implicating MILLIONS of politicians and other people of influence who are controlled by the Chinese.

These are people from all over the world.

They are de facto Chinese agents who are being blackmailed.

Iran does the same thing.
In another life, I was contacted by an Iranian journalist who asked if I would be willing to be flown to San Francisco to be interviewed for an Iranian TV channel.

I politely declined.

He offered to pay me a fee.

The a woman contacted me.
She sent her photo--quite beautiful young lady--and said she would do ANYTHING to get the interview.

I told her I'd have to ask my Mossad handler, and I never heard back from them again.

Are you familiar with "conscious sedation"?
When you get a colonoscopy, they give you drugs that sedate you, but you remain conscious, and most people don't remember what happened.

There are drug cocktails that produce conscious sedation that allow others to induce you to become involved in blackmail-worthy activity.
And of course others volunteer to engage in such activity.

Either way, they're blackmailed.

And THAT is how the Chinese came close to taking over the world.

SOMEBODY stole the Chinese evidence.

It was a hell of an operation. I can't even begin to imagine how it was done.
But there had to be a military element.

Trump has known the House of Saud since 1980 at the latest.
The Saudis almost lost their country in 1979, during the Siege of the Grand Mosque.

To keep form having it happen again, they did two things:

1. They adopted the form of Islam for which the country became known.

2. They began educating as many people as possible in the West.
Reformers had been murdered by their own families, so the Saudis did it slowly and intelligently.

There are three armed forces in Saudi Arabia:

The national armed forces, the internal security forces, and the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG).
The SANG protected only the House of Saud.

Slowly, over time, the Saudis INTEGRATED all three armed forces in an absolutely foolproof way:

All the combat arms were trained as special-operations units, and they all trained together.

This creates unbreakable bonds.
Even the Border Guards get special-operations training.

The men earn counter-terrorism qualification badges and the highly coveted Assault and Pursuit badge, unique in all the world.

You're trained to attack, breach, and chase to capture or kill.
That kid has Special Forces tabs and qualifications for paratrooper, marksman, four counterterrorism specialities, reconnaissance, and assault and pursuit.
Another very common badge is explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).

This Saudi Arabian National Guard officer is also a paratrooper and has Special Forces tabs.
The men and women from all combat arms of all branches of all services are unified by their incredibly hard training and their achievements.

No danger of coups.

And the royal family is slowly relaxing its grip.

Trump and the Saudis began working on a plan for China years ago.
They understood that GENUINE global improvement was impossible with the malign power of the Chinese communists to blackmail the WORLD.

I had only one piddling attempt to blackmail me.

Trump and the Saudi royals had millions of attempts.
So Trump and the Saudis knew that the only way to take China out of the picture was to steal the blackmail database.

And that would require skills that had not yet been created.

Luckily these skills would come in handy EVERYWHERE.
There's absolutely no way that you could use locals to do this.

That's old-school CIA stuff.

The CIA blackmail locals into doing their bidding.

If they get killed, so what?

Trump and the Saudis couldn't do that. And it was EXPECTED. So they did the UNEXPECTED.
They did it with OUTSIDERS.

Military forces.

They didn't shoot their way in and out.

They used technology that we can't begin to comprehend.

The USS Carter was the transportation, but Gulf Arabs stole the Chinese blackmail database.
Only Trump and Pence knew this was being done, and I have no doubt that Trump didn't know the operational details.

My guess is only the unit commander knew what they would do.

No leaks.

Were Trump and the Saudi royals briefed AFTERWARD?

No idea.
The more people you tell, the greater the chance of leaks.

When China is impotent, Trump and Pence and Mohammed bin Salman at the very least will be briefed.

If I were president, I would tell the unit commander to brief me when he or she felt it was safe to do so.
We're selling tons of high-tech defensive weapons to Taiwan now, and the Japanese have announced their first aircraft carrier.

When we sell them the F-35B's that they want, they'll be in business.
Everyone's already telling the Chinese to cram it.

The Chinese plan was to blackmail all American politicians and people of influence AND to buy up every American enterprise and destroy it.


You think maybe THOSE folks are ripe for blackmail?
The Chinese were doing that all over the world.

"We caught them all."

I thought Trump meant only Democrats.

But the Democrats didn't act alone.

Trump meant EVERYONE.

In the world.

Everyone in the world who is working for the Chinese.
Some of you want the mall exposed RIGHT NOW.

Well, that means a global economic collapse.

You can see that, right?

Every person of influence is exposed simultaneously?

Politicians, bankers, CEOs, tech giants, athletes.

Do you want to live like the Flintstones?
JUST THIS ONCE, put aside your obsessions with orange jumpsuits and TRY to see the big picture.

Because it's much bigger that you know.

Trump did it.

He drained the WORLD swamp.

But he didn't do it alone.

His partners were the Saudis and Emiratis.
I knew the Saudis had to be involved in the fight against China.

The Saudis had joint military exercises with the Chinese IN CHINA.

In other words, the Chinese were sitting ducks.

They invited their own doom to dinner.

I love it.
So I hope I've clarified things.

The bluebird is looking for reasons to terminate accounts.

I have to be careful with what I say.

But in retrospect, it all makes perfect sense.

Global improvement is not possible as long as the Chinese blackmail machine is up and running.
So somebody did THIS to the Chinese blackmail machine.
Watch the pace of global improvement pick up dramatically in the next four years.

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