Portland protest day 134
About 40 protestors are outside commissioner Dan Ryan’s house chanting “defund PPB”
“Dan Ryan don’t be a villain, defund PPB by 18 million”
There is another group marching a couple miles away, this group arrived silently and then started chanting when outside the commissioners house
Commissioner Dan Ryan will come out to speak with protestors
The commissioner and protestors are both requesting that no cameras be out
The commissioner is listening to protestors talk about their experience with police brutality
Protestors are sitting on the street in a semi circle around commissioner Dan Ryan, Ryan is on his front lawn listening to them
Protestor to Dan Ryan “where were police during the indigenous day of rage, why did they let those business get smashed up, they move in fast when we go to PPA, so why didn’t they come out then? They let it happen, think about that”
Commissioner Dan Ryan on defunding PPB “I haven’t made up my mind yet, it’s complicated, I’m not going to do it at 11:30 at night when I’m half asleep”

Protestor “do you typically make up your mind the day of the vote?”
Protestors to commissioner “when you say your tired, do you know what’s like to get shot at by Feds? Do you know the PTSD we have?”
Protestor to commissioner “don’t bullshit these people and say you don’t know how your voting, that tells me all I need to know”
Protestor: “Raise your hand if you’ve been doxxed” about 30% of hands go up

“And yet our cops are wearing numbers, and we’re getting doxxed every night”
Protester “you don’t know what it’s like to wake up with a welt like that on your leg, when you get shot and your walking away blind as a bat so you don’t get arrested”
Protester: “have you marched with us?”

Commissioner Ryan “I’ve been out three times”

Some protestors yell shame, another says “hey, at least he’s been out with us”
Protester: “what makes you so undecided, what keeps you from cutting the budget?”

Commissioner: “I can’t answer the question tonight, I need to talk to my colleagues”

Protester: “when you see a child drowning, do you need to talk to your colleagues to make a decision?”
Commissioner Dan Ryan has been ok his front lawn listening to protestors for over half an hour.
Commissioner Ryan and a protestor agree to exchange information to talk further, someone yells “that’s beautiful” the crowd claps
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