So many journalists who have travelled to Bihar are wary of expressing their true assessment on social media even casually. The reason being is the fear of vicious trolling later by the IT cell and petty flunkies like @DrDevendraKumar if their assessment is incorrect.
In the last 6 years there seems to be no bigger crime than predicting BJP or NDA is losing and it wins. Election prediction is hardly a science. If anything pollsters who have been shamelessly making wrong predictions to play markets should be held accountable. But they aren’t.
The easiest thing to say is BJP is sweeping. You can acknowledge anger but still say Modi is loved and BJP will sweep because opposition is useless and that RSS has activated its cadre. The same stuff was said in Haryana and Jharkhand. Pollsters too predicted a sweep.
And when they lose or don’t do as well reasons given will be RSS was upset, their cadre sat at home the last day, it was to cut the incumbent leader to size part of some convoluted Chanakyaniti. Let’s see what Bihar throws up. Till then keep saying NDA is sweeping!
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