#MedicalBranch of #TACAirIC reports at least 30 patient contacts and 7 patient transports to hospital.
Bennington Medic enroute to Lil' Creighton Code 2 with a 48 y/o male at a political rally who is having back pain.
Waterloo Medic 811 enroute to Lil' Creighton Code 2 with a 68 y/o male who's initial complaint was possible hypothermia and altered mental status. He is alert and oriented and shivering. Unable to obtain a temp. due to a broken thermometer.
Officers picking up people wandering in the cold unable to locate their vehicles and are taking them to various parking lots.
📸 Officers continue to direct extremely heavy traffic in frigid conditions.
Officers who do not have an assignment are going around to parking lots to pick up stranded people and attempt to locate their vehicles. Airport maintenance vehicles also assisting.
📸 Lines of chartered busses and a few city busses continue to drop off people. The majority of people have been picked up from the rally site. Most crowds are now in various parking lots.
For anyone following who is unfamiliar with Omaha. Eppley Airfield sits on the Northeast corner of Omaha and is separated from Iowa by the Missouri River. TAC Air is on the East side of Eppley Airfield. The parking is mostly on the West.
Officers reporting most parking lots are clear. Very little pedestrian traffic. Vehicle traffic is returning to some normalcy. Officers continue to assist the public in locating their lost vehicles.
Officers assisting a male in a wheelchair in the South parking lot find his lost ADA van.
Event site has been cleared. Majority of parking lots have been cleared. Little to no pedestrian traffic. Most officers are returning to service and going home.
#MedicalBranch of #TACAirIC demobilizing and reports they will give an official confirmed count of the number of patient contacts and patient transports to airport authorities and command tomorrow. The previous numbers given remain unconfirmed numbers from scanner traffic.
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