So Trump stranded thousands of people at his Covid rally in Omaha, Nebraska. They provided busses to the event, but not back to where people parked. I’m listening to Omaha PD on scanner app trying to clear the mess in cold weather. It’s been several hours since Trump left.
It’s 30 degrees.
Trump left 2.5 hours ago. People are still walking and cops and buses are trying to pick everyone up. Now there are people wandering trying to find where they parked.
These poor cops sound frozen.
The app is called Broadcastify for those interested. Douglas County, Omaha Police dispatch feed. (Not Metro)
Sounds like they have finally transported/cleared most of the crowd back to their vehicles. Now it sounds like the cops are going to decontaminate their cars that transported people.
Now they are calling for more police cruisers to the south lot to transport another crowd of people. These people can’t locate their cars....
Any medical assists required. I feel so bad for the elderly who have been duped so badly by this clown.
Attendance estimated at 29,000+ ...
@OmahaPolice The officers on duty at the Covid rally tonight deserve a pat on the back and a day off to warm up!
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