Haven't stopped thinking about Josuke trapping you in a wall to have to at his mercy to fuck you all he wants just how he wants.

Like maybe you're teasing him a little bit too much in the bedroom for a while and he decides it's time for a little payback.
So he traps you in one of the walls in his house, your ass end in his bathroom, your upper body poking out in his bedroom (I like to imagine there's a connecting wall), and he's spent the day dragging out your punishment, using both ends.
Maybe he's waiting for you to beg before he lets you out and gives you a real good proper dicking down but your pride won't let you give in and maybe also you like being the vulnerable position a little, so you continue to be cocky and taunt him despite being compromised.
He just seems to get a little sparkle in his eye as he grins in a way that makes you know he's up to something, and he walks out for a while and you hear the front door close. You aren't sure how long because you aren't facing any clocks.
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