amy, ur highlights look ugly and that anti aging cream isnt working. ur hair frizz looks like pubes and ur lips look expired and crusty. u smell
i immediately deleted that fugly photo of u off my phone bc i dont need a virus
u homophobic woman hating bitch u make me gag
u look like an expired can of dog shit amy
all my girls hate amy fugly barrett
ur pores are so huge i can see them thru this low quality pic in ultra hd
instead of worrying about lgbtq babes and women, focus on picking out ur nursing home instead.
that color does not look good on you
even ur freckles are staying as far away from u as possible
how u gonna brag about not having notes when all u did was tank😭 how do u not know the 5 freedoms u dumb loser son of a bitch who eats pubes for dinner. family reject, even animals hate u
my cat hates you and she loves everyone
i think id rather die then be ugly like you
i have to wash my hands everytime i look at you because youre just that ugly
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