5 reasons why a STEM × HUMSS couple is a power couple (based on personal exp)

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Disclaimer: Listed reasons here are purely subjective. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't. Open for discussion but I will not debate if this isn't true for you; see 2nd sentence.
1. A STEM partner is objective & analytical while a HUMSS partner is more empathic &2 attuned to how society works.

This combo helps them see both the analytical and empathic sides. STEM might focus too much on technicalities while HUMSS on emotions; they balance each other out.
2. A STEM partner can often steer towards field-specific topics and ditto for a HUMSS partner. It's a never-ending opportunity to learn from each other—stuff you didn't know back is now part of a normal convo. Bonus points if partner can simplify the explanation.
3. A HUMSS partner is often great at teaching a STEM partner re: "common" interactions. STEM partners might be socially awkward; a HUMSS partner often helps them improve their social skills.

Ironically, HUMSS partners might experience social anxiety BUT they carry/hide it well.
4. While HUMSS might directly address smthn by immediately attacking the bigger issues, STEM often follow a step-by-step analysis in everything. This can help HUMSS better map their train of thought instead of being overwhelmed by the bigger issues and their emotions.
5. A HUMSS partner might be more street-smart than a STEM partner. Solely based on exp, STEM are often acad-smart while HUMSS are more street-smart. Their relationship dynamics may usually cause the other person to work on improving on their partner's strength/s.
My source? Husband is under STEM (Pharmacy) while I am under HUMSS (Education).
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