1) My friends, I understand your rage at the Bobolinski interview & just one more expose of corruption by Demented Perv Biteme.

But this is a winding story that takes a lot to unpack. Most people won't take the time.

2) At this point, with only 7 days to go . . .
2) contd . . . this is NOT a "Bush DUI." Especially without a Hoax News media doing the necessary exposure, we need to leave this to the Tucksters & keep the Boss focused on oil, energy, fracking.

Because believe me that hurt them bad.
2) contd . . . Biteme adjusted his whole travel schedule on that, going to Texas & coming out of the basement. Reps like Torres Small in a critical NM2 had to distance herself from Biteme.

3) Even if it sticks, the Hunter Biteme corruption scandal won't be worth . . .
3) . . . anywhere near the votes that the oil/energy stuff will be, & that will have an impact on states such as PA & CO where you have energy voters.

4) On Nov. 4, though, Trump better hand Smarmy Wray his walking papers & read Barrstool the riot act.
Cuz major Swamp Draining needs to occur YESTERDAY.

This is not just "another issue" after the election. The Swamp is THE issue. It's an existential threat to the Republic and friends, I think even the most cynical of you have no idea how deep this goes.
I wouldn't be surprised if a fair and honest prosecutor couldn't bring 70% of the senate and at least half the House, plus the entire brains of the CIA & FBI, up on multiple charges.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg cuz K Street & all the consultants/vendors are in . . .
. . . on it too. Cleaning this up, while rebuilding the economy, will take all of Trump's second term and ALL of his political capital.
5) Remember four years ago I said you could have the Trump agenda or Cankles in jail, but not both?

That's because bringing her in would have required every favor, every bit of arm twisting, every buyoff of virtually everyone in DC.
6) Well, now, aside from getting the economy back, this is by far the death struggle. Either Trump beats this Swamp in four years or no one will.

Cuz if they beat Trump, we can never expect a stronger person to take it on.
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