Remember - anyone giving advice is only ever giving it from their context and understanding. Seek feedback from everywhere, get multiple angles, and speak directly wherever possible. It's easy to forget this and take things as gospel, but nothing is straightforward in indie dev!
I say this as someone with 1000 post it notes for things I wanna share and talk about - while it may all be super relevant for me, it may not be at all relevant or speak to your situation or needs! Grains of salt are magical and should be kept at hand at all times.
And on this note - and kinda relevant to my last RT and the vibe of the twitter feed today - it's really easy to shit on teams, people, roadmaps, communications, social, pitches, the list goes on - but much harder to actually go and do the things and take the punt.
As much as we grain of salt others opinions, we should grain of salt our own with the fact that we NEVER know what is going on internally for a team (unless we're part of it) and that everyone is doing their best and learning, and hold people to account without putting them down.
Gotta give each other space to grow, yo.
The irony of this thread about giving and taking advice being advice is not lost on me, people, I swear
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