All Smiles on a Tuesday! 😁

Thanks to @SponsorTalk for setting up a great panel with some of my favourite follows on Twitter!

An awesome panel tonight followed up by some great breakout rooms

Room #1. Grass Roots or Shining Star Sponsorship?!

We discussed athlete brand marketing on social, & athlete brand development. Learned how amazing @opendorse is! & we asked: Spend big or spend wide?! Thoughts?
Room #2. Who's Going to Burst the Bubble?!

We discussed leagues & their protocols during their bubble playoffs. The sponsorship strategy implemented in the @WNBA bubble & getting a "Wholesale price" in the bubble. Pandemic Sporting event insurance! & Will the bubbles continues?
Room #3. How Quick are Your Sponsorship Reflexes?!

We discussed @OceanSprayInc's reaction speed to their viral Tik Tok trend. How "perfection can be the enemy of progress", & we also talked about the balance of Sponsorship saturation. How much is too much??
Thanks again to everyone who participated! Glad to connect with everyone!

@SponsorTalk & as always thanks again @AvishSood for hooking me up with the invite link! Glad we finally got to connect on cam!
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