Hello!! I quit my doctorate in History of Medicine because academia is crumbling, but before I did, the last thing I researched was #POLIO. Please enjoy this thread explaining merely the latest of many instances showing that Rogan is dangerously stupid 1/?
Let's first answer: is he right? NO. He clearly means, kids getting poliomyelitis, & is invoking images of iron lungs & withered limbs. That is NOT happening. What DOES very rarely happen is vaccine-derived polio infection. It's rarer than...it's hard to express how rare 2/
3 in 1,000,000. Insanely huge number! It only happens in cases & places involving the oral vaccine, which contains weak-ass virus. Virus that had its kneecaps busted & then we shouted "NOW GO KILL YOURSELF INSIDE THAT KID" & it does. Which is pretty boss 3/
But it's really, really, really rare. I don't know that there are even a million polio-unvaccinated people left in the world! & it's only generally a serious problem for SERIOUSLY immunocompromised children. The last scary story about polio in the US was in 2005 4/
when some unvaccinated children were found to have pooped out a vaccine strain of polio (poop is huge in polio. would need a separate thread to explain. long story short polio became a problem after we reduced the amt of random poop in everyday life) 5/
NONE of them developed paralysis. The last serious case & death I'm aware of was, tragically, a severely immunocompromised baby in India in 2013. Children are not out there getting poliomyelitis from vaccine. But anti-vax propaganda is hurting children 6/
When jagoffs like Rogan & Jones & fucking "I swear I'm not right-wing!!!" Tim D— spread this kind of shit, they make full vaccination harder. As does the CIA, when they use pretend medical teams as spies like they did hunting for bin Laden 7/
It's getting to the point now where Rogan is going to have all kinds of blood on his hands. He's contributing to the difficulty in vaccinating the few children left who are vulnerable to getting poliomyelitis. Fuck him, fuck @Spotify, fuck Alex & fuck Tim. & if you help them? 8/
Well, fuck you too. 9/9
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