If you're interested in why Wall Street banks propped Trump - and how they play those games with massive debt, which gets forgiven - it's in my latest Game Theory Today podcast. https://megaphone.link/STA9234013086 
If you want a deconstruction - rarely if ever done in public - of junk bond debt, check out my work on how Guitar Center gutted the musical instrument industry. https://www.ericgarland.co/2015/02/03/end-guitar-center/
Turns out I was over a major target. The PRIVATE EQUITY firms that had taken over the company were refinancing their ugly debt the ugly way right when my story went viral.

Which explained why they didn't want anybody looking. https://www.ericgarland.co/2014/03/03/wsj-guitar-center-acquired-major-creditor/
Because when I went looking, I found a global network of banksters - leading to Trump and Kushner, incidentally - for whom YOUR FAMILY'S FINANCIAL SUFFERING is their entire business model.

And they've been at it for years. https://www.ericgarland.co/2014/03/29/parasite-economy/
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