thread of questions for valentines! a lot of people have been doing questions threads so i thought i’d make one for all the jaehyun enjoyers out there <3
when did you bias jaehyun?
was he your first bias?
do you ult him?
which jaehyun/member dynamic is your fave?
what’s your favourite thing about him?
what’s your favourite jaehyun "anthem" (kitchen beat, good thing, etc.)
do you like try again?
i like me better or have yourself a merry little christmas?
favourite jaehyun vocalist moment?
favourite jaehyun dancer moment?
favourite jaehyun rapper moment?
what’s your favourite jaehyun era?
what’s your favourite jaehyun hair colour?
what colour do you want jaehyun to do next?
are you excited for his drama?
what’s his best photoshoot in your opinion?
drop your favourite jaehyun selfie
drop your favourite jaehyun loop/vid
name one thing you have in common with jaehyun
how many jaehyun pcs/ccs do you have? do you collect them? how many of your pcs/ccs have you pulled straight from the album?
do you have any jaehyun merch?
what would be the ideal concept you want jaehyun to do for his solo?
what is a song you want jaehyun to cover?
what is your favourite inkigayo look?
do you have a favourite jaehyun ending fairy?
drop your favourite jaehyun fancam
drop your favourite jaehyun edit
what is your opinion on the valentine/peachzen separation?
what is an underrated jaehyun look?
what is an overrated jaehyun look?
did you like the pink hair 2.0?
what’s your favourite jaehyun vlog? what blogs would you want him to do?
have you ever gotten a menpa reply from jaehyun?
favourite jaehyun iconic quote/moment
opinions on non valentines talking about jaehyun for jokes, etc.
what’s one thing you’d want to tell jaehyun
jaehyun is:
(this is a joke btw)
favourite jaehyun mv shot?
who would you want jaehyun to collab with? it could be anyone
drop ideas for questions here and i’ll add them later!
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