The author of this tweet is being misleading, in order to defend his or her previous lie. The current tariff on soya sauce from Japan is zero, due to the EU/Japan FTA which the UK applies until the end of the year. The UK and Japan do not currently trade on WTO terms.
Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?
So you're telling us that FTAs with our major trading partners *are* better than "WTO terms"/"Australia terms"? Got it.
Dom has turned on the GATT signal
Note that if there's no FTA with EU, some of the soy sauce imported into UK would conversely become *more* expensive. (Unless UK chooses to have a zero tariff on all soy sauce imports, in which case the boast about UK/Japan FTA would be triply misleading)
Again: the government implies that Brexit reduces the cost of soy sauce. In fact a) it retains the cost of Japanese soy sauce; b) if no deal with the EU, *most soy sauce imports will be MORE expensive*. Gaslighting charlatans.
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