My thoughts on this.... I am a DACA recipient, I was born in Culiacán I came into this country at the age of 2 I am grateful for what this program has given me. What your looking at is the new rule that Trump has to put into place, instead of renewing the..
Permit in 2 years we now have to renew it in a year. This isn’t fair US DACA recipients are NOT criminals we shouldn’t be paying this fee every year!!! We work hard for our money we pay taxes like the rest of you guys we contribute as much as the normal every day Joe!..
We shouldn’t be paying more for our stay in this country.. us DACA recipients are not only Latinos WE DACA RECIPIENTS come from ALL of the WORLD!! We respectfully follow the law because we can’t risk losing all of OUR hard work.. Please don’t re-elect this dumb mf..
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