if biden wins i demand no less than 3 straight months of exhaustive profiles of "the biden voter." i want to know everything about them. what they eat. what they watch. how they groom their cats. and it will still be 1/10000th of the coverage we've been force-fed on trump voters.
"In this Brooklyn rotisserie, there's only one word on everybody's lips: Joe. Welcome to Biden country, where they just can't stop talking about Joe, his aviators, his smile, and his 'no malarkey' attitude..."
"Yeah, I don't love how he called the ambassador a 'sonofabitch' but I'm still with Joe" https://twitter.com/robsolonhamer/status/1321192212491915271
"Suburban Elegy, How The GOP Lost The Soul Of Modern America" https://twitter.com/126meh/status/1321195091940143105
lest you think this is new, in 2001-6 we got all these books about how democrats just didnt understand the exurbs and were about to be wiped out forever by the gop.
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