@glennkirschner2 of @MSNBC is clearly an idiot.

In his childish spewage about @realDonaldTrump, he butchers the definition of manslaughter.
For one thing, he doesn't differentiate between VOLUNTARY and INVOLUNTARY manslaughter.

For another, he must be talking about the federal definition of manslaughter.

Here it is:
"Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. It is of two kinds:

"Voluntary—Upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion."
"Involuntary—In the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony, or in the commission in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection, of a lawful act which might produce death."
As you can see, there AREN'T "three legal elements" of manslaughter, and Trump CAN'T be charged with ANY crime.

And this guy was a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Homicide Section.

Guess who his boss was?

Every single case Kirschner prosecuted needs to be reviewed.

Let me tell you what Mueller, Comey, and all the other swamp rats did to me:

I now agree that you must NEVER TALK TO COPS.

These guys RUINED my trust in law enforcement.
If anything happens, LAWYER UP.

Let your lawyer do all the talking.

It's simply too dangerous to allow yourself to be interrogated if you come under suspicion for a crime.

I feel terrible about doing this, but if they'll go after THE PRESIDENT, none of us are safe.
What kind of person is Glenn Kirschner to LIE and say that Trump can be charged with manslaughter?

He's telling us that the law should be applied arbitrarily in order to abolish political dissent.

Just like the Chinese Communist Party does.
I've been watching the massive spontaneous Trump parades and regattas and caravans.

Occasionally you see a tiny band of Biden supporters barking out the same dreary slogans from 2015 and 2016.

I'm going to LOVE election night.

And after Trump wins, I hope he fires as many federal "law enforcement" criminals as he can.


Trump does almost everything under the radar, so I don't need to see it.

But they need to lose EVERYTHING.
Let me end with an allegory.

The raving lunatic @JimCarrey played Andy Kaufman in a TERRIBLE film called Man on the Moon.

Even the TRAILER is agony to watch.
Now, Kaufman did a wrestling thingie and ended up in the ring with a pro wrestler named Jerry Lawler.

The whole thing was staged, but APPARENTLY nobody knows this.

Lawler and Kaufman appeared on David Letterman months later.
Lawler gave a long interview in which he explained that before the Letterman show, Kaufman called him, and they CHOREOGRAPHED their appearance.

Kaufman ASKED Lawler to "slug him," and Lawler didn't want to.

But the showman in him took over.
When he stood up, he and Kaufman looked each other in the eye, and Lawler saw Kaufman's approval, so he slapped Kaufman.

When Kaufman threw the mug of water on Lawler, he again made direct eye contact so Lawler could prepare himself.
Lawler said that he knew the REAL Andy Kaufman, who was nice and polite, to the point that he said that they became friends.

So when they made that horrible Jim Carrey movie, Carrey THOUGHT that Kaufman hated Lawler.

Therefore Carrey spent all his time on set harassing Lawler.
Carrey threw things at him, insulted him, put signs on his back.

Lawler realized that Carrey had no idea that Kaufman and Lawler had choreographed the Letterman appearance.

So when they recreated it in the movie, Lawler got his revenge.
He hit Carrey as hard as he could.

"Slapped the taste out of his mouth."
THIS is what happens when you start believing your own bullshite.

I'm not a fan of Andy Kaufman's humor, BUT I KNEW IT WAS ALL ACT.

The wrestling pile-driver move is done in such a way that the person isn't injured.

His shoulders are braced by the other guy's thighs.
The head of the person being pile driven doesn't hit the ring mat.

I saw all of this happen live at the time, and I knew it was staged.

I knew instinctively that Kaufman was only putting on an act.

But Jim Carrey didn't know.


Wait until election night, kids.

We're going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

At you.

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