Beyond expanding SCOTUS and lower courts, we should also establish a United States Court of the Judiciary, which has the singular task of reviewing the ethics of federal judges up to and including SCOTUS, and can order mandatory recusals and sanctions.
This isn't even a new idea. Some state court systems already have a judicial body like this.

It's how Roy Moore got fired as Chief Justice of Alabama, twice.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being one of the recommendations of Biden's proposed bipartisan judicial task force.
One of the first things this Court of the Judiciary should rule is that the Federalist Society is a political organization and sitting judges cannot hold active membership in it or attend its functions.
Technically, federal ethics rules already require judges to do this. The problem is, judges themselves basically get to decide whether they've followed the rules or not.

There is a Codes of Conduct Committee appointed by the Chief Justice, but it's a total joke.
In fact, this year the Committee tried to issue guidance saying that the Federalist Society is a political organization (as well as liberal groups like ACS).

And Federalist Society affiliated judges went ballistic and forced them to back down.
It is absolutely absurd how loose our enforcement of judicial ethics laws are. America is just about alone among democratic countries in having judicial ethics laws this weak.

Creating a dedicated Article III court with some actual muscle to enforce ethics would go a long way.
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