predictably, i am ALSO participating in the itchio halloween sale

8 of my works, some spooky, some very much not, for either half off each, or $5 dollars as a bundle! including the personal use license for my photo pack, A Place Without Bodies!
i'll do a quick rundown of each, much as i do in my usual steam rec threads, because, uh, only "Two gay werewolf mechanics fuck on the moon" gives you a good idea of exactly what you're in for. not even "You Are A Horse" tells you exactly what's up.
ANIME HELL 1995 ($1) - my very first work in twine, published 5 years ago. 5 supernatural stories about self-loathing, time travel, doppelgangers and more all tied to the VHS tape world of anime in the 90s and how we've connected to it. 
AH1995 was made while i was still living in baltimore, and still awhile before i got on depression meds. it - through fiction - encapsulates a lot of my feelings on self-care and living, working with depression: a focus on pragmatics, patience, and self-forgiveness.
[SPOILERS] here for the ending of my own work, but - this was and is how i feel a lot about dealing with depression, self-loathing. "take care of yourself, as best as you can". not 'be happy', but do what you can - which sometimes will only be a little - to make things better.
the response to ANIME HELL 1995 i got, how much it not only resonated with people who had similar feelings and experiences, but appreciated not being talked down to about hating themselves, and given pragmatic instead of abstract advice, meant the world to me. still does.
YOU ARE A HORSE ($1) - this was my second twine work after ANIME HELL 1995 and was intentionally designed to be completely opposite in tone and subject matter. i wanted to see if i could capture the tone, style of comedies like Airplane! in a text format. 
as shown there, the primary object of You Are A Horse is - robbing a bank. it's very goofy and stupid. i'm rather fond of it still.
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore ($1) - my third work in twine, this time an entirely linear novella (30k words) using the format, dealing with comedy and how we use it as a shield within a surrealist structure.
this work was part twine experimentation, part dealing with other aspects of self-loathing that AH1995 didn't cover, specifically dealing with my years of being a Funny Guy to not have to deal with my problems, and part recycling story ideas from other half-finished work.
DEVOUR/COMFORT ($1) - another twine work, and one of my stranger ones, intentionally written as a challenge to see if i could write something i'm not into - vore - in a way that understood the appeal and comfort it gives to the people who are into it. 
(given the fact that D/C here is, i believe, my most popular work ever despite being a onetime thing - close to 8000 downloads now, though most of that came when it was free - i think i managed to hit that goal of the project)
Symbiotic Fursuit ($1) - another novella written in twine, this time specifically situated within the furry fandom itself. unnerving, but not a horror story, i would call this 'stress fiction'. a happy ending, but i drew on my own panic attacks for it.
Can You Come In? ($1) - my short body horror interactive fiction about having to go to work on your day off. inspired heavily by The Metamorphosis, My Father's Long Long Legs, and the game MOUTH SWEET. 
i wanted to really dig into the banal horror of working shitty jobs, what they expect out of you, even as everything seems to fall apart around it, and, uh, i guess its only gotten more relevant since then.
Two Gay Werewolf Mechanics Fuck On The Moon ($2.50) - exactly what it says on the tin, the most straightforward work i've ever made. comfy, fluffy, gay werewolf romance/erotica. on the moon. 18+ readers only, natch.
and finally, of course, my pack of spooky amateur maine photography, A Place Without Bodies ($2.50 for personal use license, $20.00 for commercial use). i'm still really proud of these pics and can't wait to finish volume 2!
if you've been following @MelloMakes this month, he's been using the photos in volume 2 of his atmospheric horror music, which imo you should listen to and pre-order, it has been dope as hell
sorry for going on forever in this thread but i don't often talk about my older work and getting an excuse to do so is nice, lmao. if you check any of it out, hope you like it!
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