Niggas born in 92 and were on their parents health insurance until they were 25 always are the ones on twitter asking what Obama did for the black community
Your mama bought a brand new car and got 7k in trade in value in 2009 after cash for clunkers. Ironically that’s the car she gave you when you left for college. You still driving it now.
Those big ass tax refunds y’all get for having kids. Obama did that too.
All those pell grants you got in college that you used to get a refund so you could buy a MacBook. Wouldn’t have gotten it unless Obama expanded the program in 2010
He gave you 62 black federal judges.
It’s only been 228 in history.
He allowed former felons to qualify for SBA loans. My brother got one of those...he fucked it off, but that’s beside the point
The incarceration rate of black people was at its lowest point since the Crime Bill during his last year in office.
It’s back up under Trump.
He created an entire program to ensure that HBCU’s got federal funding.
He gave HBCUs 4 billion dollars of federal funding

A year.
He took military grade equipment away from police officers.
He the reason your parents were able to refinance their mortgage of that damn 80/20 loan.
Saved them bout 40k over the life of that mortgage.
He changed the requirements and lowered the fees on FHA loans.
Black people using FHA loans increased by 50% during his presidency
All federal contractors have to provide sick leave, extended leave, and personal time because of him
Y’all don’t know shit bout shit but always got shit to say bout some shit.
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