Prior to 2020 I hardly ever heard the phrase "Marketing Operations," but now it comes up in conversations all the time.

Wondering what this is and why it matters?

Let's explore the topic...

1/ What is Marketing Ops?

According to @HubSpot, Marketing Operations or "Marketing Ops" defines the team in charge of the technology and processes needed to help marketing teams run effectively.

Sometimes these professionals are referred to as MOps.
2/ MOps helps make everything run smoothly, especially when it comes to marketing technology.

They're the glue that holds the creative/strategy side and the demand gen side of a marketing team together.
3/ And as marketing gets more complex, with more tools entering the #MarTech landscape every day, this skillset is more valuable than ever before.

Just take one look at @chiefmartec's latest graphic to see what I mean...
4/ Even in my own consulting practice, I find myself constantly being pulled into a marketing ops role as I help clients set up their technology stack, get their analytics in place, and help with project management and budgeting to ensure campaigns run smoothly.
5/ Marketing Ops professionals should be comfortable working with tools like @zapier, Google Tag Manager, @googleanalytics, email service providers, website and landing page platforms, ad platforms, APIs, budgeting software, project management software, and much more.

6/ As MOps becomes more popular, online communities are springing up:

📣 MO Pros by @mikedrizzo is a group of 1200+ members

📣 @MOPsPROs is 1000 members and growing

📣 @GrowthOpsCom blends marketing, sales, and customer success into 1 community
7/ Why does this matter?

With marketing becoming more sophisticated, you need to stay on top of this topic if you want to run campaigns efficiently and at scale.

Maybe you're not going to hire a full-time #MOps team member just yet, but at least get familiar with the basics.
Your turn!

Have you heard of Marketing Operations? If so, what do you think of it? Or is this brand new to you? Tell me below!

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Thanks for reading! 👋
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