1/n Please read the following thread about how my father, a #Shia #Pakistani was taken away while at work in Dubai, UAE #MissingShiasUAE:

Last Wednesday, October 21st, 4 men came to his office in Deira, Dubai. They were all civil servants so you can imagine Arab men in Qandoora
One of them was from a security regulatory agency. He went to the security room of this office to turn off all the cameras. Following men then took in custody his mobile phones (3, in count) and asked him to come with them without any explanation provided.
provided (since none of us were there, these are all the details we could gather from his coworkers).
Upon tracking one of his phones, we got to know that he was taken to Al Aweer – Central Jail in Dubai. Later at night, his phone was taken to his residence in Deira at 4am
Deira at 4am on Thursday October 22nd. His entire floor in the building were all taken out from their apartments asked about their relationship with my father and my father’s apartment was raided. This is the latest update we have received.
Neither of his phones are showing location beyond that.
It been almost a week, and no contact has been made. The police stations there are refusing to file FIR, asking us to “wait for the call”???!!! Even the Pakistani Embassy there has been of no help whatsoever.
Here, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not given any response AT ALL.

Apparently, 250+ #shia #pakistanis have gone missing in the past 2 weeks in UAE. Where do we go from here?

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