1/ THREAD: 'The New Towns of Britain' published by the Central Office of Information in 1964. 'The New Towns are one of the most striking developments in post-war Britain.'
2/ Most of the photographs depict the varied housing of the New Towns; on the left, a 'detached managerial-type house' in Glenrothes; to the right, flats and houses in Crawley and terrace houses in East Kilbride.
3/ But new modernist forms were emerging too - on the left, homes in Peterlee; on the right, split-level terrace housing in Cumbernauld.
4/ Education was prioritised too, as here with a new secondary modern school in Hemel Hempstead (left) and Corby Technical College (right)
5/ And to cater for a new consumerism, shopping centres such as these - Queen's Square, Crawley (to the left) and East Square, Basildon (to the right) with Brooke House designed to bring high-density housing and a landmark to the centre of town.
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