questions for non-swedes/scandinavians:

(idea from sereval people)
how many countries are in scandinavia and which are they?
what’s this?
who's ABBA? name 3 of their songs
what do many eat for breakfast during the colder months or around christmas?
does the entire country normally have snow in december?
which day do we celebrate chirstmas??
what does (probably) every swede do at 3pm on the 24/12?
moots, y'all might be able to guess this one so i'm adding it: what's on the 4th of october?
has sweden ever won eurovision?
what does sweden look like nautre-wise?
what's pyttipanna??
name a city in sweden
what countries is sweden next to, landwise not waterwise
who's the famous football player from sweden?
does sweden have a president or a prime minister?
do we have a royal family?
following up on the esc question: which decade was the latest decade sweden won eurovision?
what is melodifestivalen?
who is this?
what money do we have??
how many school semesters do we have per year??
how many years of school are required by law for you to attend??
on an average: how much do you have to pay for the dentist when you're under 23?
when is it legal for you to drink (at a restaurant)?
can you see the northern lights in sweden??
what is fika?
when you enter somebody's house, what do you do before going inside? (besides greetings and taking of your jacket)
if you're looking for knäckebröd, where would you go?
who's kalle anka?
how many people live in sweden?
end of thread for now, i'll add if i think of anything else
(y'all are probably annoyed by now lol)
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