My first reaction to the brunching liberals thing was it erases the majority of Black and poor voters who chose this nominee but the second part complements the first and I understand it now.
It’s the easiest thing in the world to express contempt for middle class white women. Everyone does it - see “Karen”. Once that left the vernacular of the marginalized and became a cudgel in the hands of white men, it’s working counter to its purpose, IMO. 2/
Now it’s brunching liberals.

Here’s what that is:

Many people cannot grapple with the implications of the fact that their “left movement” has attracted mostly rich white kids. 3/
So they have to generalize the supporters of Biden as brunching liberals to enforce a false narrative. To admit - to themselves - that Black and poor people are not with them is to admit the emptiness of their movement. 4/
What I would suggest to them, if they are actually left and not just cool edgelords, is that they examine 2 things:
1. On this specific moment - did jews in Germany move center in the early ‘30s?
2. More broadly - why are so few Black and poor people with you (maybe it has to do with your approach to being left. Maybe it seems exclusionary. Maybe it seems even hostile. Think it over).

Second to last tweet - “*why* did Jews in Germany move center?”

- they did.
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