It's increasingly clear that radical ID politics - esp on 'gender'/trans issues - is an attempt to erase class from the heart of left politics. The new 'woke' radicals, who tend to be wealthy, want the credit attached to having progressive opinions but also want to remain rich
So Cambridge students can spend 3 years banging on about how they feel 'so oppressed' for being 'genderfluid' (blah blah blah) - and then clear off to work for Goldman Sachs or whichever corporate leeches will pay them the most while still insisting that they're 'progressive'
It also reflects the narcissism of a generation. Posh 19 year olds called Tarquin or Alicia would be laughed at if they tried to make out they were working class heroes. But gender ideology allows them to pluck victimhood from the jaws of no-one giving a damn very neatly
It explains why these people care so little about practical electoral politics or winning power. If the Tories/Republicans are in forever, they won't lose: in fact, being propertied trustafarians, they gain. So hijacking the left with their extreme ID politics is win-win for them
The alliance we need to respond to this is between:
- The materialist old Left and the postliberal Left
- The Red Wall voters
- The majority of ordinary women who haven't bought into the extreme ID politics crap but support bread-and-butter social democratic politics
There is also a possible alliance between these groups and more traditional conservatives/One Nation Tories - & indeed many Christians. Unholy alliances on the other side (radical progressives being best mates with massive corporations) make such an odd alliance necessary
In essence, a curious alliance between something like the neglected working classes of Stoke, @PaulEmbery, Mumsnet, the Anglo-Catholics and RCs, and @NJ_Timothy is our only hope. That is one motley group.
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