Have to write 8,000 words on the question of land in Bolivia, and the more I read about GMOs the worse it gets. This is from Carlos Vicente, of GRAIN, showing how Bolivia is the last bastion of defense against the monopolies of Monsanto-Bayer et al:
GMO soy was legalized in 2005, when Carlos Mesa was president, largely because its use had already expanded illegally and Santa Cruz wanted it. Evo could have done more to slow this trend, now this will be challenge for new government (same source as above):
Brazil: 36 million has of gmo soy = 570 million liters of glyphosate

Argentina: 20 million has of gmo soy = 250 million liters of glyphosate

Bolivia: 1.3 million has of gmo soy = run the numbers

(glyphosate is a carcinogen)
More data than you want, in an atlas of GMO business in Southern Cone:

From Gonzalo Colque (in Tierra report cited above): How GMO soy took over in Bolivia between 2005 and the present. Risk now is that same will happen if corn, sugar, wheat, etc. approved. GMO corn already being planted illegally.
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