We are exactly 1 week away from the #Election2020 and South Asian Americans around the country are organizing to #GetOutTheVote, with nearly 2.5 million eligible South Asian voters!

Today, we're highlighting tools to help make your voting plan, many of which are from the NCSO.
Do you have questions or need help voting? Call 1-888-APIAVote (1-888-274-8683). Bilingual assistance is available in English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog. @APIAVote

It’s important to know where candidates running for office in your area stand on the issues, and be informed about ballot measures on your ballot.

See what and who is on your ballot here: https://www.vote411.org/ballot 
For more information, check out http://southasiansvote.com , where you can make a plan to vote, register to vote (or check your registration status), request an absentee ballot, find your local polling location, and track your ballot.
This year, it's especially inspiring to see South Asians organizing to #GetOutTheVote #GOTV.

@TazzyStar's video below is just one example: https://twitter.com/TazzyStar/status/1321135544076783618
Here's what getting out the vote looks like in NC @MuslimWomenFor: https://twitter.com/MuslimWomenFor/status/1321144752914321409
One of our community members, Jamal Khan, recently shared a video that he made that encourages South Asian Americans to vote.
Allies in the Bay, @JakaraMovement, have #GOTV resources in both English & Punjabi: https://twitter.com/JakaraMovement/status/1319468255501664256
If you haven't already, follow @dcmuslimjustice, who are not only sharing #GOTV resources, but also uplifting tools for those protesting in #Philadelphia.

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