I realized something this morning. We’re in the middle of the second wave of a pandemic that’s been here for the past 8 months. (Thread)
Amidst cuts and constant threats from the government. Unstable or corrupt politicians. Teaching using methods and technologies we would have rejected 9 months ago. Anxious kids or kids homeschooling. Alone or trapped with never leaving roommates. With smaller incomes.
6 months ago, folks were adjusting their expectations, language, and schedules to these realities.
Now we seem to have gone back to the insane work pressures pre-pandemic. I have even more email, tasks, “must-do-now” projects than before — people appear to be playing catch-up for “lost time”.
We have fewer people expected to do even more work while in the pandemic.
I repeat — this is insane. We have to stop doing this to each other.
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